Thousands of programmes in the Valley of Arts

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Almost a thousand programmes may be attended at the Valley of Arts festival in Kapolcs, Vigántpetend and in Taliándörögd for 10 days starting from 25 July.

It is already the 24th occasion that the valley hosts the festival where 1500 performers will be performing at 53 different venues.

Special community space

The villages, all of them are several centuries old, turn into special community spaces for ten days: artisans, artists, musicians will be living together with the visitors and with the local residents occupying the otherwise quiet streets, yards and squares of the Balaton Highlands.

Kapolcs offers not only the usual venues and performers – such as the Palya yard, the Hobo Club, the Kaláka Poetry yard, or the Muharay Association for the preservation of traditions –  but a number of new performers, programmes and venues have also been included this year. One of these is Veronika Harcsa’s own yard, the Folk Yard of Fonó band, the Design Terminal courtyard where Hungarian start-up communities will be presenting themselves, as well as the Theatre Stage (Színház Színpad ) where plays for young people and amateur theatre companies will be performing.

60 villages and towns will be presenting themselves as part of the Life-givingValley programme series, the local cultural values will be in the focus in the House of the Ancestors in Taljándörögd, while the Blue Tablecloth movement – which is an association of a number of houses in Kapolcs – will show visitors the values of local gastronomy. Concerts, dance shows, theatre and book presentations as well as indoor places where children can play, movie projections, walks in the forest with music, fine art and arts&crafts exhibitions will all be on offer for the visitor of the festival.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: itt

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

community space – közösségi tér
resident – lakó
occupy – elfoglal
venue – helyszín
preservation of traditions – hagyományőrzés
yard – udvar
tablecloth – abrosz

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