Hungarian folk pubs in the city centre

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‘Dance houses’ and folk music nights in trendy clubs revive folk traditions in modern city life.

Unfortunately, Hungarian folk music is still little known by most people, even though the Hungarian ‘dance house’ (táncház) movement has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Tradition is being revived

“Folk culture has almost become extinct in the country and people still do not really know Hungarian folk dance and folk music, says Andor Maruzsenszki the violin player of Budafolk Band. The collection of folk music in an organized manner started in 1896 by Béla Vikár, and his initiative was taken up by László Lajtha, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály at the beginning of the 20th century. It is due to their work that Hungarian folk music has been preserved for the next generations.”

Buda Folk Band

Buda Folk Band

In the 70s, the ‘dance house’ movement started the transmission of folk traditions, which was given a lot of publicity and people started relearning the tradition. “The purpose of the dance house movement was to put into practice the cultural knowledge collected by the folk music researchers,” says Katalin Érdi, the doublebass player of Erdőfű. In 2011, this method was also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The dance house method then received worldwide attention as the Hungarian model of transmission of intangible cultural heritage.”

Folk music in cafés and clubs

Folk pubs are examples of a modern way of preserving the folk traditions whereby the old tradition can be gradually integrated into modern metropolitan culture. “Recently there has been a new demand for folk music at events which are small scale than the dance houses with their pre-scheduled time for dance learning and practicing, instead, people now want to listen to folk music with their friends at more casual events and venues, in various clubs in the city centre,” says Vince Mészáros, the viola player of Magyarhang Band. “In folk pubs people want to enjoy listening to folk music and take pleasure in participation rather than just learn folk dance. In folk pubs people can practice and preserve the knowledge they gained in the dance houses.”

Magyarhang Band

Magyarhang Band

“It is amazing to see the process whereby even people who come across folk music first as adults begin to enjoy folk music and folk dance” says Erzsi Mészáros, the violin player of Magyarhang.

Where? When?

Folk pub events are held every Friday in Rácskert. The pub has a nostalgic atmosphere which makes you feel like you are in a comic book as it displays enlarged pictures on the walls from the book Slusszkulcs, written and drawn by Márton Hegedűs.

Other venues: Pótkulcs, Fonó Budai Zeneház, Drunken Tailor, Betyártanya

Eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: itt

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

transmission – átörökítés
extinct – kihalt
inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list – a világörökség része
initiative was taken up – kezdeményezését követték
to revive – életre kelteni
intangible cultural heritage – szellemi kulturális örökség
comic book – képregény

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