The outdoor swimming pools and thermal baths get star rating

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The Hungarian Baths Association is to apply star rating to aqua parks, thermal-, wellness-, open air baths and swimming pools.

As regards the baths, the number of stars depends on the experts’ evaluation of the basic requirements – including the range and quality of operational and technical facilities and of services, the professional skills and behaviour of staff – which are different for each type of bath or pool.

The classification is based on quality, and is measured by using a system of points. This system includes also the assessment of other factors, such as the location of the particular bath, its accessibility and infrastructure, the quality of the water or the foreign language skills of the staff.
According to the announcement, the use of the trademark will be granted for five years and it will serve as a distinguishing mark of high quality services. The star rating of the bath is a professional guarantee for the high professional quality of the bath services. The service providers may join the trademark system at their own discretion.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

star rating – csillag minősítés
Hungarian Baths Association – Magyar Fürdőszövetség
expert – szakértő
evaluation – értékelés
requirement – feltétel, követelmény
accessibility – megközelíthetőség
trademark – védjegy
at their own discretion – saját belátásuk szerint

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