In September we can travel on heritage transport services again

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This autumn the heritage transport services will be launched again in Budapest. We can travel on the old trams, buses and trolleybuses.

The 100-year-old yellow tram

On the first and second weekend of September a heritage tram marked ‘J’ will be operating on the route of tram no.2 between Jászai Mari tér and Közvágóhíd, which has been chosen as one of the ten most beautiful tram lines in the world. On these two weekends, visitors can travel on a hundred-year-old wooden-framed yellow tram as well as on a steel-framed tram built at the turn of the 20th century.


The 100-year-old yellow tram (

‘Nostalgia’ Ikarus service

On 20 September a heritage bus service with the sign “C” will be provided by an articulated Ikarus 180 heritage bus between Deák Ferenc tér and Szentendre H suburban railway station. On the same weekend, on 21 September, the old wooden-framed nostalgia tram will be operating on the route of tram no.2.

‘Nostalgia’ Ikarus service (

‘Nostalgia’ Ikarus service (

We can travel on a rail-motor heritage train

On 21 September passengers will be transported by a type MVIII rail-motor nostalgia train on the suburban railway line M3H between Örs vezér tere M3H and Gödöllő.

Nostalgia train (

Nostalgia train (

The old wooden-framed tram will be in service

Also on 21 September, on Tram Day to be held in Kamaraerdő, the hundred-year-old wooden-framed heritage tram will be running between Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Kamaraerdő. Visitors can also travel on the same route by the Bengali articulated, by the steel-framed and by the UV trams that have been out of operation for several years. nosztalgiavillamos nosztalgiavillamos

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Szeptemberben újra nosztalgiajáratokon utazhatunk

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articulated bus – csuklós busz
heritage transport services – nosztalgiajárat
wooden-framed – favázas
at the turn of the century – a századfordulón
rail-motor train – motorkocsis vonat


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