Light fountains bursting out off The Whale are shut

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The laser beam installations working for three months now are shut on November, 1 a few days before the grand opening.

The capital’s numerous sights are marked in turns by the laser beams reaching from the top of the latest commercial, cultural, entertainment and hospitality center called The Whale.


MTI/ Lakatos Ferenc

You can localize Buda Castle, Matthias Church, the Statue of Liberty and the bridges connecting Buda and Pest shown by the beams and sometimes they point to the riverbank, or sprinkle the sky with its blue lights.

The installation,which has been working for three months now,will be turn off a week before the opening ceremony coming up on November,8. A three day feast (November ,8-9-10); with concerts, children’s workshop, arts groups shows ,awaits the first visitors along with Budapest’s unique mock-up installed for the occasion.

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