Fitness equipment that generates electricity in a playground in Kispest

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Fitness equipment capable of generating electricity has been placed at a playground in Petőfi utca, Kispest. The electricity generated is enough to charge a mobile phone.

The outdoor spinning bike, the arm bike machine, the recumbent exercise bike, and the elliptical machine operate on a renewable energy resource and they give people not only the pleasure of exercising outdoors but the energy generated in the course of moving can also recharge the dead battery of a mobile phone, laptop or other electronic equipment.

The outdoor equipment is also unique in Europe and it runs on environmentally friendly, renewable energy generated by the human body. The machines may be used after sunset as their lighting is provided by the electricity generated in the course of exercising on the machine.

The system is capable of continuously tracking how much energy is generated during each exercise type. An average person spending an average period exercising generates 50-100 Watt energy. Depending on use, this may result in even 1 KW/hour of power daily for the total equipment. This means that the significant amount of energy in excess of the energy requirement of the system may be used to charge attachable electronic equipment.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

fitness equipment – fitnessgépek
to charge – feltölteni
dead battery – lemerült akkumulátir
arm bike machine – kézikerékpár
recumbent exercise bike – fekvőkerékpár
elliptical machine – ellipszisgép
renewable – megújuló

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