First Ice-cream Festival is coming with the new flavours of 2015

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Ice cream lovers, connoisseurs and professionals are all welcome at the first Ice-cream Exhibition and Festival to be held on 6-8 March at the Syma Sport and Event Centre.

At the event to be held at the Syma Exhibition Centre visitors can see and try the new kinds of ice cream in the 2015 ice-cream season and the most popular flavours. Professional shows and presentations will be also included in the programme, and visitors can taste a finest products made by the very best ice-cream makers in the country.

Ice-cream of the Festival

During the three-day-long festival the most popular ice-cream of Hungary will be selected, the Balaton Ice-cream of 2014 will be presented and people who are more health conscious will be able to taste the various paleo- and sugarfree ice-cream specialities on offer.

During these three days, with ice-cream in the focus of all the programmes, there will be something interesting to do for children, for adults, for families, for professionals as well as for future customers.

Thanks to the exhibitors, the various ice-cream specialities will be available free of charge, and the visitors can nominate the ice-cream they like best to be the “Ice-cream of the Festival”.

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