Christmas Trams decorated with LEDlights on the banks of the Danube

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In the advent period the special Christmas trams and trolleybuses decorated with thousands of small lights are back in the streets of Budapest.

The Christmas Streetcars covered with twinkling lights are running again for the sixth time, while its little brother, the Christmas Trolleybus, is operating again for the second time in the streets of Budapest while the city is getting ready for Christmas.

Glittering like a star in the Budapest night

The Christmas Streetcar is running as part of the regular tram service on Tram Line 2 and in Buda on Tram Line 19. The heritage tram is decorated with 39 200 of blue-and-white LED lights, and in the passenger area there is Christmas decoration to create the real Christmas atmosphere.

One of the old ZIU trolleybuses which were taken off the roads last year has also been decorated with lights and it will be operating at the same time on Trolleybus Line 72.

Both Christmas heritage services are running from 3.30 pm to late evening and both charge regular fares. Please note that neither of them will be operating on 24 and 31 December.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Karácsonyi fényvillamosok a Duna két partján

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

decorate – díszít
twinkling – csillog
heritage tram – nosztalgiavillamos
atmosphere – hangulat
fare – útdíj

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