Van Gogh Alive in Budapest

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A unique exhibition: vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound.

Forego all preconceived ideas of traditional museum visits, dispel all notions of tiptoeing through silent art galleries to view masterpieces from afar, change how you interact with content, stimulate your senses and challenge your beliefs of what an ‘exhibition’ can be. You probably don’t need to keep the kids quiet either!


Instead prepare yourself for a vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound, combined and amplified to create what visitors are calling „an unforgettable multi-sensory experience”. Van Gogh’s masterpieces come to life as you embrace the sensation of walking right into his paintings – an experience that is simultaneously enchanting, entertaining and educational.


Synchronized to a powerful classical score, more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale create a thrilling display that fills giant screens, walls, columns, ceilings and even the floor – immersing you entirely in the vibrant colors and vivid details that constitute Van Gogh’s unique style.


Huge crystal clear images, so real you want to touch them, illuminate a vast array of screens and surfaces specially tailored to the exhibition space, drawing attention to key features and allowing the study of colour and technique. Photographs and video are displayed side by side with Van Gogh’s works to demonstrate his sources of inspiration.


You’ll find adults and children alike, wandering throughout the galleries, exploring nooks and crannies, viewing the artworks from new angles and finding ever-changing perspectives. Many other visitors take pleasure in simply standing still, allowing this marvelous combination of sight and sound to wash over them.

Exhibition available until 29th of December at Váci Palota (Budapest,1051 Váci street 1.)

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