Design Tours in Budapest for 10 days

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The Budapest Design Week will be showcasing the values of the Hungarian applied arts and the new products designed by the Hungarian design scene.

The series of programmes between 3 and 12 October offer tours which will take the visitors to three different locations in the countryside. This year not only Budapest, but also the three centres of applied arts in the countryside, the Herend Porcelain Manufactury, the Ajka Cristal Factory, as well as the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactury will be open to the visitors of the tours.

Bicycle tour on the bridges of Budapest

The MOL Bubi bicycle tour will show participants the bridgeheads on the Buda side of Budapest: from Lágymányosi Bridge to Árpád Bridge, visitors can learn about the history of the existing bridges and of those that have been destroyed, their role in the traffic system, in the architecture, and in the history of the city.

A MOL Bubi kerékpáros túra a budapesti hidak budai hídfőit járja végig: a Lágymányosi-hídtól az Árpád-hídig ismerhetik meg az érdeklődők a jelenlegi és a már nem álló hidak történetét, a város közlekedésében, építészetében és történetében betöltött szerepüket.

Design cafes in the capital

During the Recycling Budapest? Tour visitors can discover the treasures hidden beneath the dilapidated facades of the capital, and they will be shown how a bus terminal was turned into a cafe, a palace into a workplace, and a cinema hall into a parking lot. The Coffee and Croissant – Alternative City Tour will show interested tourists the world of the design cafes and bakeries in Budapest.

Night of office buildings

The design tour called The Night of Office Buildings will take participants on a drive to various A+ and B category office buildings, where architecture- and interior design critics as well as local professionals will present the buildings and the office areas. The Analogue Photo Tours will give visitors the opportunity to get an insight into the secrets of traditional photography while participating on a sightseeing tour of the city.

Registration on the website of the Design Week is required for participation at the programmes of the tours.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

applied arts – iparművészet
location – helyszín
bridgehead – hídfő
architecture – építészet
treasure – kincs
dilapidated facades – omladozó homlokzatok
sightseeing tour – városnézés

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