Sziget Eye is open to the public on Erzsébet square

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The giant Ferris wheel will be open until October in the city centre, as only a smaller wheel be set up at the Sziget Festival.

The Ferris wheel, which has been operating since Sunday, has 41 air-conditioned passenger capsules seating 8 people and one VIP capsule for 4 persons. The wheel will be open until the end of the season, which is the end of September.

Air-conditioned capsules in the city centre

The sightseeing wheel, which stands in the middle of the city centre, operates noiselessly due to an electromagnetic system. Nothing disturbs the sightseeing in the air-conditioned capsules, which provide us with a bird’s eye view of Budapest sights. 

The Sziget Eye was first set up at the Sziget festival site in 2012. Last year it operated for six weeks at Erzsébet square and in August it was disassembled and transported to the Hajógyár island, where the festival is held every year. This year the wheel will stay at Erzsébet square in the city centre for the whole season, and only a smaller wheel will be set up on the festival island.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

giant Ferris wheel – óriáskerék
sightseeing – városnézés
bird’s eye view – madártávlati
season – szezon
disassemble – lebont

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