From now on only yellow taxis are legal in Budapest

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In accordance with the new taxi regulation act, taxi drivers had to renew their licence and to paint their taxi yellow.

The new taxi regulation which has been effective as of 1 September 2013 specified that the new taxis are to be painted the so-called traffic yellow colour. Taxi drivers can only get their annually renewable licences if they meet this requirement.

Air-conditioner and credit card terminal are also obligatory

The new taxi regulation specifies the maximum age of the car and the compulsory equipment: there must be a credit card terminal in each taxi, a functioning air-conditioner and cars must also be equipped with tyres appropriate for the season.

Apart from these rules, taxis have to use a fix rate instead of a capped rate: the basic fare has gone up to 450 HUF, the kilometer fare to 280 HUF, and the minute fare for 70 HUF. The previous capped fare was introduced in 1998, the regulation effective at the time specified a 300 HUF base fare, 240 HUF kilometer fare to 240 HUF, and the minute fare for 60 HUF.

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licence – engedély
renew – megújítani
tyre – gumiabroncs
fare – útdíj

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