50.000 flowers have been planted in the open-air swimming pools of Budapest

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Open-air swimming pool season starts on 1 May in Budapest. Dagály and Palatinus opening first, and this is also when the wave service starts in Gellért Bath.

The Budapest Thermal Baths Ltd. has spent almost HUF 40 million to ensure that the pools and the baths are expecting the visitors in more attractive setting and with plenty of new services. During the summer the gardeners will be cultivating 35 acres of green area, and they have already planted almost 50,000 annual flowers on the sites and almost all outdoor children’s pools have been equipped with a new water slide.

1 August – the night of open-air swimming pools

Paskál bath will be opening on 24 May, Római and Csillaghegyi baths will be opening on 31 May, while Pünkösdfürdő bath will be opening on 7June.

Széchenyi bath will be holding a ‘Szecska-party’ every Saturday, where every time a different genre of music – funk, soul, R’n’B, house, dance floor jazz – will be presented. On 1 august 2014, the ‘Night of open-air swimming pools will be held, with the participation of Palatinus pool complex on behalf of Budapest Thermal Baths Ltd., and there will be many other family and sporting events offering even more entertainment in the open-air swimming pools.

The price of the tickets to the pools will remain the same during the season, with numerous concessions, family tickets and special ‘pool day’ discounts.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

open-air swimming pool – strand
to cultivate – gondoz
water slide – csúszda (vízi)
genre – műfaj
concession – kedvezmény
annual flower – egynyári virág

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