“Flavours of Hungary” Christmas gastro fair at Erzsébet square

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Visitors can taste flavoured cream cheeses, smoked pig’s trotters from Transsylvania, palinka, and acacia honey flavoured with cinnamon, as well as chocolate specialities.

The Flavours of Hungary – Christmas gastro fair will be held at Erzsébet square between 12 and 23 of December for the eighth time, and there will be no entrance fee.

More than sixty producers from Hungary and from the surrounding Hungarian-speaking regions will be offering their goods at the fair and visitors will be able to try and even to purchase their produce. One of the specialities of the fair is the cheese selection, which includes mozzarella, Parenyica smoked cheese and Parenyica rolled cheese with fillings, as well as cream cheeses with onion, with paprika or with parsley and garlic.

The producers are also selling speciality honey products: acacia honey flavoured with palinka, wine and liqueur, or with orange, lemon and cinnamon, as well as acacia honey mixed with fresh elder juice and lavender, and also chocolate cream honey.

Hungarian quality wines will also be available at the fair, and visitors can the taste the mulled wine and hot cherry-flavoured brown beer. Producers will also be presenting a wide range of candies and sweets at the Christmas fair: beiglis (rolls) with pumpkin seed-, poppy seed- and walnut oil and with various types of seed flour, handmade Christmas tree decoration sweets and chocolate specialities. Children can participate in games at every weekend: they can make ginger bread, Transsylvanian kürtöskalács (chimney cake), and roast chestnuts.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Magyar ízek karácsonyi vására az Erzsébet téren

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

vásár – fair
krémsajt – cream cheese
füstölt csülök – smoked pig’s trotters
fahéj – cinnamon
forralt bor – mulled wine
akácméz – acacia honey

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