Next spring Budapest has its metro line 4

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The green line introduces the first driverless system in Middle-Europe.

The first passengers can use metro line 4 from the 31st of March,2014.   Tarlós István announced, during the first test run open for the press, construction works at pace, the tunnel and the track are complete so is the power supply system , safety system is ready to set-up.

Automatic control

As scheduled the final stages are underway at present to complete the stations. From September on empty subway cars are running in the tunnels to double-check and verify the proper and safe operation of the entire system.

During the first year of operation even train crew will travel in the cab to supervise the operation that is delivered by the automated system will be introduced.

Later on metro cars will run unattended so bulkheads will be torn down for passengers can see through the windows on both ends.

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