New panorama wellness section has opened in Rudas bath

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A new amusement spa section has been opened in the renovated Rudas bath, and a Jacuzzi and sun terrace have been built in the new roof garden.

Rudas has kept its traditional octagonal plan and its eight pillars, but in the course of the developments new pools, a ‘sauna world’ have been built, jacuzzis and a panorama sun terrace have been made on the roof garden.

A new restaurant has also been opened on the mezzanine, which is accessible from the street, while on the ground floor four new pools have been built, all with different water temperatures. The two medium-sized and the two smaller dipping pools are accessible directly via an open passageway from the swimming pool.

As a result of the renovation the previously neglected part of the building of Rudas bath has become a gem of the cityscape. The renovated and extended section of the bath opens on Friday morning.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Panorámás wellness részleggel bővült a Rudas fürdő

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

amusement  –  élményfürdő
roof –  tetőkert
sun terrace  – napozóterasz
octagonal – nyolcszögletű
pillar – oszlop

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