New gastro and entertainment centre is to open soon in Kolosy tér

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The Buda Entertainment and Gastro will be opening next to Kolosy tér, where Új Udvar shopping centre operates currently.

The building of Új Udvar is to be rebuilt completely, and its new structure will be similar to that of a Mediterranean village. Similarly to the Montmartre in Paris, next to the side of the building there will be some space for artists both to work and to exhibit their work.

Sky bar terrace surrounded by a Bonsai tree grove

On the top floor of the entertainment centre a unique sky bar terrace surrounded by a Bonsai tree grove will be created, offering an amazing view of the whole area. In the centre there will also be restaurants cafes offering international and local dishes, there will also be some folklore performances, and several other entertainment venues will offer opportunities for entertainment.


There will be a complete floor where the work of the artisans, young fashion designers and other artists can be exhibited.  This so-called Art&craft market will even offer handcrafted food. Moreover, the artists and the artisans will not be paying a rental fee but only in proportion to the value of their work sold.

The first period of the construction of the complex will end in the autumn of 2014, while the whole project is set to be completed by the summer of 2015.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

entertainment centre – szórakoztató központ
Mediterranean – mediterrán
art&craft – kézművesség
artisan – kézműves
fashion designer – divattervező

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