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Using traditional beading techniques South African women have woven the stories of their lives.

The Swedish Front design studio has collected these stories and created glass vases reading the lines woven by those African women. The project is set for incorporating life stories and handicraft along with design resulted in so called Story Vases.

Written by beading….

Beading plays main role in Zulu handicraft traditions. It is not only a piece of art but a unique way to express feelings ,emotions  and to communicate. Personal stories woven by beading have great importance in women’s everyday life.


Zulu women are not anxious to share their stories. Front Design’s Story Vases project helps the world to hear about their tales on family, everyday life and dreams.

In Budapest,you can enjoy the exhibition Crossovers showing those vases hosted by Design Week at Design Terminal (1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 13.) till November 3.

Entry is free of charge.

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