Hybrid buses will be operating in Budapest

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Budapest will soon be one of the cities where environmentally friendly, hybrid buses are operating.

This is because from the end of the year 28 diesel-electric hybrid buses will enter service in Budapest.

Environmental load reduction

BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) announced that, according to producer’s data, hybrid technology buses can run on about 37% less fuel than solely diesel-powered buses.

Hybrid buses can run only on electricity until they reach 15-20 km/hour speed, which means they can leave the bus stops without noise and smoke, and they can also switch to electric mode when stalled in the rush hours.

The bus fleet consisting of the most modern, low-floor and air-conditioned Volvo 7900 hybrid buses equipped with Euro 6 engines is expected to enter service on the roads of Budapest at the end of 2014.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

to enter service – forgalomba áll
to run on – meghajtással közlekedik
fleet – flotta
engine – motor

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