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At Sziget Festival you can enjoy the pleasure of creation every day if you visit the programmes of any of the eighteen tents set up in ArtZone.

Chat, the most well-known street artist has come to Sziget from France to paint his trademark – a huge smiling yellow cat – at various locations of the festival. The act of painting will be done as part of a performance. He is also offering to teach how to draw in his unique style to people who are interested at his base in ArtZone.

You can paint on unusual types of material

Visitors can paint on mosquito nets, on bubble wraps, and on other unusual materials in the tent of ’Magyar Mozgó Képtár’, and they can create a cartoon raincoat with their favourite heroes if it rains. Those who visit Medence Csoport will learn how to create a wallet from milk carton, a bag from banner material and musical instruments form everyday objects – the latter are used to make music in the evenings.

Visual ART and self-knowledge games

The lights in the tent of the Moholy-Nagy University of Fine Arts, which can be controlled by movement, offer an extraordinary visual experience to visitors, while in the Visart tent people can test their creativity, and in the ‘Art Tag’ role play they can experience the challenges of the art market by impersonating a contemporary artist who tries to sell his/her own artwork. The Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Vasarely Museum and the Hopp Ferenc Asian Art Museum all share a tent where visitors can play a game that improves their self-knowledge.

There will also be a ’Hungaricum’ village

Hungarian folk art is also present at the Sziget Festival: the motif for this year is ’cifra’, a word meaning embellishment using rich decorative forms, which is present in all areas of Hungarian folk art. People who are interested can visit the tent and learn how to create this motif by doing painting and embroidery and practicing dance steps.

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