Glass textile designs of Andrea Hegedűs in the new metro stations

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Glass textil designs may be seen at the following stations of the new metro Line 4: Kálvin tér, Bocskai út, Kelenföld, and Népszínház utca.

Andrea Hegedűs, a Hungarian textile designer, has been designing and creating unique as well as small series of exclusive home decoration textiles for over 15 years.

Népszínház utca1

Glass textile is a new innovation

Her design activity embraces all the areas of textile design, including transparent, curtains, drapery, decoration curtains, fabrics, bed covers, pillow cases, tablecloths, carpets, hanging rugs and glass textiles.


Glass textile was invented by the textile designer herself; it is the artistic combination of glass and textile as well as the result of the combination of handcraft elements and a particular industrial technology.

Bocskai út1

By compiling her unique glass textile designs she has created a completely new genre in the field of interior design where she can combine the elements of space, form, material and colours in an innovative form. The glass textile designs are perfectly suitable as space dividers, decoration elements, glass wall panels, sliding doors or other types of outdoor and indoor surfaces.

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Interlanguage Nyelviskola csapata

glass textile – üvegtextil
handicraft – kézműves
interior design – belsőépítészet
genre – műfaj
space divider – térelválasztó

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