Giant butterfly installation at Erzsébet square

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Hello Wood has prepared a 29 ton butterfly installation for the Spring festival. The gigantic wooden structure will be the most exciting venue of the festival.

The Butterfly House will function as a visual experience and meeting point for the visitors from 27-29 March offering an organ improvisation concert, electroacoustic pieces, a laser harp show, contemporary circus, opera and a DJ remix as well as a fashion performance, break dance and parkour shows.

Installation symbolizing spring

Hello Wood, the designer and constructor or the Butterfly House has created a gigantic wooden installation symbolizing spring, the blooming of flowers and awakening on the square, with its 300 square meter wings almost completely covering the stage. The wings of the Butterfly House feature the colours of the Poplar Admiral butterfly.

Small white butterflies on the benches

In connection with the huge colourful Butterfly House, small white butterflies may also be seen between Deák square and the beginning of Andrássy avenue. They are there on the benches, on the lamp posts, and you can find some even on the love padlocks at Erzsébet square. You can even leave a message on them if you like.

Inside this special structure visitors can have various visual experiences, watch a contemporary circus, and listen to electroacoustic pieces and opera. The program also includes a fashion show featuring the collections of Hungarian fashion designers.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

butterfly – lepke
bench – pad
venue – helyszín
love padlock – szerelemlakat
lamp post – villanyoszlop

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