Creative community space to open in the Wagner-house in the city centre

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The Paloma house operated with small stores, travel agency and a key copying shop in the protected building in Kossuth Lajos utca in the 1990s.

The building has recently been refurbished and its shops are going to function as exhibition space for young designers, and will host open workshops and a variety of public events and exhibitions related to the creative industry.

Cultural design centre

In the Creative community space the young designers will present their uniquely designed clothes and jewellery, as well as accessories, bags and lamps made from recycled material to the public. One of the designers organizes workshops, but a digital textile printing shop has also been set up in the building. Visitors can also buy graphic art, felt jewellery and clothes as well as leather jewellery, roman sandals, and sandals.

The head of the project emphasized that on the 230 square meter space they have created a cultural and design centre where not only well-known designers, but also for young designers who are just starting a career can present their work. They would also like to involve business representatives in the programme by hosting creative competitions and events, thereby providing continuous publicity and business opportunities to the young talents who want to introduce their work in the building.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

community space – közösségi tér
travel agency – utazási iroda
to host – befogad
event – esemény
roman sandals – saru

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