Crafts fair and jazz concerts in Vörösmarty square

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More than 70 artisans and workshops will be showcasing their goods in Vörösmarty square at the Budapest Spring Fair which opened on Friday.

There will be only high-quality, certified products on sale, which have been created by Hungarian artisans and designers, and there will also be several street-food stalls, children’s programmes, folk music and jazz concerts for visitors can to enjoy until 26 April.

Visitors can choose from a variety of textiles and felt products, baskets, dried flower arrangements, ceramics, and a wide range of jewellery and artisan leather work. The arrangement of the stalls has also been carefully designed so that the products sold next to each other are also linked in some way.

Open workshops every weekend

Visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to see open workshops, handicrafts shows, egg painting, making felt goods, gingerbread, silversmith work, the creation of musical instruments, bead stringing, pottery, paper making by hand, glass blowing, leather work as well as basket weaving. Children can also learn about handicrafts at the children’s play centre from Thursday to Sunday.

During the fair there will be a pottery contest, and the more adventurous visitors can try Raku making, where large flowers will be created from pottery. There will also be food shows: the “Spring Culinary Taste Extravaganza” will introduce visitors to the bourgeois and peasant cuisine.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Kézműves vásár és dzsessz koncertek a Vörösmarty téren

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