Budapest 100 – Discover the hidden architectural values of Budapest

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The 100-year old buildings offer visitors a balcony beauty contest, plenty of stories, site visits and 100-year-old cake recipes.

The celebration of 100-year-old buildings in Budapest will be held at 26-27 April, during which 45 residential buildings and 14 institutions will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of their construction by opening their gates to interested visitors.

Every building has a history

Each building has its own history because residents leave their traces which make up the past of the houses. The walls keep the secrets of the previous inhabitants. All of these shall be evoked at the celebration of 100 year-old buildings.

The programmes will include community gardening, at one of the locations a 100-year-old resident will be the host of the visitors, at another place the great grandchild of the person who had the house built will be talking to them, while the participation of a famous singer, artist, or a photographer will also make the program more exciting. In several of the buildings, university students and architects will help evoke the 100-year-old stories.

At several locations the visitors can taste cakes prepared on the basis of 100-year-old recipes, at other venues there will be photo exhibitions presenting the birth and the history of the building, moreover there will be guides to show the sites and to lead thematic tours, and afternoon teas and sightseeing tours by bicycle are also on offer.

Budapest 100 is concerned not only with historical buildings and monuments, but also calls attention to the hidden architectural values and the built environment. The aim of the non-governmental urban event, which has been organized with the help of trained volunteers, is also to build a better community among the residents of the city.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

architectural – építészeti
site visits – helyszínbejárás
residential building- lakóház
trace – nyom
community gardening – közösségi kertészkedés
recipe – recept
built environment – épített környezet

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