A unique spectacle in the “Big Forest” of Debrecen the Fog theatre

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A multimedia fountain and a fog theatre have been built on Vigadó square in Debrecen in place of the Csónakázó pond in the BigForest (Nagyerdő).

In the last few months the Csónakázó pond and its surroundings have been completely rebuilt. In the course of the development project a unique touristic spectacle has been created.

Images projected onto the curtain of water

The speciality of the multimedia fountain is that as a result of the special combination of lights and the water spouts, fog-like images come to life in the fountain. The water spouts are lit by coloured light beams and this using this technique, short films presenting the sights of Debrecen are projected onto the curtain of water.

Fotó: MTI/ Czeglédi Zsolt

Fotó: MTI/ Czeglédi Zsolt

These extraordinary visuals cannot be compared to anything else, not even to movies where the projector is behind the audience because here the light comes from the front and it is the water in the fountain that functions as the screen.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

fountain – szökőkút
water spout – vízsugár
fog – köd
sights – nevezetességek

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