1st Chimney-scone Cake Fest in Cityhall park

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Limelight on this sweet Hungaricum between October 11 and 13 .

You cannot find a fest without chimney-scone cake so it is high time it had its own fest and all the fanfare it deserves.

In Cityhall park during the 1st Chimney-scone Cake Fest you can enjoy endless variations of taste and size of this sweet Hungaricum and some special novelties such as Cream-scone, Chimney-ring and Scone-bearing.

Chimney-scone cake is a special Transylvanian sweet one of the specialities of Hungarian gastronomy.In the old times Székely people made this cake to celebrate marriages, The Church ,christenings and recieving guests and visitors

The fest is about to publicize this Hungaricum and introduce its traditional way of making to millions.

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