Which is the most beautiful flowery city in Hungary?

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The call for applications to the competition for excellence in horticultural displays organized by Hungarian Tourism Ltd. every year, is open until 31 May.

This is the 21st occasion the competition has been held and, similarly to previous ones, local authorities are eligible to apply.

7 European gold medals for Hungary

One of the primary conditions of developing tourism is the creation of a hospitable image for the municipalities and villages, and one of its key elements is the planting of flowers. The movement, which was initiated 20 years ago, involves approximately 2 million people who are all enthusiastic about creating and preserving a neat, tidy, clean environment decorated with flowers.

The first prize of the competition is the representation of the country in the Entente Florale Europe competition in 2015. For this year, the town of Gyula (category of town/city) and Zebegény (category of village) have been selected.

In the last two decades almost 50 Hungarian municipalities and villages have participated in the Entente Florale Europe competition which involves 21 countries, winning 7 gold-, 21 silver-, 10 bronze-, and 10 European medals.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

application – jelentkezés
municipality – önkormányzattal rendelkező város
enthusiastic – lelkes
neat – tiszta, rendezett
eligible – jogosult
local authority – önkormányzat

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