Unique flowers of Japan at orchid exhibition

nov 11 • Kult & Art • Impress Magazin

Exotic flowers and orchids are native to Japan presented in Vajdahunyadvár.

Besides the orchids and bromeliads on display in Agricultural Museum (Vajdahunyadvár) visitors between 15 and 17, November also have a chance to glance at Japan’s 4000 year-old-history.

Japan is the homeland of orchids


Japan’s 6852 islands and their oceanic climate especially the subtropical islands of the South comfort numerous orchid species. This habitat grows 317 native orchid species forming 75 different orchid genera. Samurai breeze orchids(Fu-ran) and Cymbidiums are both deep within the Japanese soul and traditions.

A wide range of supply is available at the great hall on ground-floor of the museum for those who plan to buy some of these beautiful flowers.

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