Mini Garden Trail in downtown

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Porzó Korzó is an interactive trail where plants tell us their tales.

At Erzsébet square, Madách square and Madách Imre street facing Gozsdu Garden you can meet plants to get to know them better as you interact with those only as finished prodacts form (tea,cream,fabrics)nowadays.

Story-telling plants

Do you want to know which plant ancient Egyptians worshipped as flower of the Sungod or  what Celandine has to do with swallows?All plants in pots on display have a tag informing you and more.

Roaming the trail you will meet all sorts of interesting plants such as herbs and spices,domestic plants,crops and plants that bio-petrol or bioplastics are produced from.You will also find plants providing core-material for clothes and fabrics, or plants you heard of in tales and legends.

The plant-petting mini garden trail is realized by the Climate Embassy Association following the English project Eden in order to find a playful way  of environmental education.

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