Google starts photographing the Danube waterway

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Google is to start photographing the Danube waterway, soon people will be able to virtually travel along the almost 400-km long stretch of the Danube in Hungary, using Google’s Street View service.

Ulf Spitzer, Regional Manager of Google’s Street View service, announced at the press conference in Budapest that this was be the first time that their camera had been installed on a riverboat for long-haul trips as part of a transnational project.

The first time Google takes 360 panoramic images form the boat

Google’s panoramic camera has so far only been installed on cars, bicycles, or has been carried by hikers, but it has now been installed on a tourist boat of Tauck travel agency traveling between Bratislava and Cernavodă in Romania. According to Ulf Spitzer, it will take a couple of weeks to photograph the waterway depending on the weather and the pictures will be presented in Street View in 2-3 months’ time.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

waterway – vízi út
stretch – szakasz
to install – felszerel
riverboat – folyami hajó

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