Christmas fairs in Budapest

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There is a wide range of Christmas fairs in Budapest from traditional to the unique ones.

Vörösmarty Square Christmas fair

Known-by-all Vörösmarty Square fair is really beautiful every year, even though the lineup doesn’t have many new things in store. There are ceramics, jewelry, cosmetics, unique toys, honey, notebooks, and works of carpenters and furriers on display at the craft booths. The newest sensation is goulash served in bread loaf.


Advent at Bazilika

The Christmas fair at Szent István Square offer lots of things from ancient Hungarian fur caps, to folk art trinkets, and jewelry made out of pressed flowers. The selection holds some edible goodies in store for its guests, too: Csabai sausage, marzipan, handmade chocolate. You can ice skate for free, and look at the paintings projected on the side of Bazilika (from 16:30 to 20:00).


Városháza Park

The fair is rather the cultural festival,  which welcomes students from other countries to present various performances in the Sátor Theatre. Other programmes include: jazz and world music concerts, wine tasting, dancing and caroling. The event’s symbolic crown is the Advent wreath, ten metres in diameter; and its tallest installation is the 16-metre tall Christmas tree.


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