Charity Christmas tree made of firewood at Erzsébet tér

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The team of Hello Wood has made a giant Christmas tree from firewood. The 15 tons of firewood will be distributed to needy families after the festive period. 

The special Christmas tree took over a period of 5 days to construct for the members of the creative team of Hello Wood and it will remain on Erzsébet square until 6 January. The 11-meter high Christmas installation was constructed by using more than 5000 pieces of firewood weighing 15 tons. The project was supported by Design Terminal.

The recyclable Christmas tree also has a charitable function, the firewood used to construct the installation will be delivered to needy families with the help of the Hungarian Ecumenical Charity Service.


Visitors are also invited to enter the timber framed Christmas tree, where they can take a rest in a chapel-like space within.

Az eredeti cikk MAGYARUL: Újrahasznosítható, jótékony karácsonyfa az Erzsébet téren

INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

jótékony – charitable
újrahasznosítható – recyclable
tűzifa – firewood
rászoruló – needy
fahasáb – log
kápolna – chapel

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