Spectacular Baroque Wedding Festival in Győr

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A lucky couple will be married in accordance with the real Baroque traditions at the three-day-long Baroque Wedding Festival in Győr, at the most beautiful square of the Europe.

The Baroque Wedding event will be held between 8 and 10 of August in the centre of Győr, at Széchenyi square, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque squares in Central Europe.

Cheerful costume parade

The three-day-long festival is a fascinating sight, one of the symbolic events of the city attracting thousands of tourists. Visitors can enjoy the view of the horse carriage ride of the bride and the bridegroom with their parents all dressed in Baroque style costumes across the city centre. During the three-day-long event even the shop windows will be decorated in Baroque style, and visitors can take part in a Baroque guide tour or in sight-seeing tour on a carriage.


There will be plenty of ladies-in-waiting, dancers, musicians, comedians as well as hundreds of the residents of the town participating at the procession. All of them will be marching behind the parents of the young couple wearing Baroque costumes. The programmes will also include a joyful Baroque costume procession and a serenade for the bride.

 ‘Móringa’ letter – the traditional form of the marriage contract

The wedding ceremony is based on the contemporary wedding tradition of Hungarian barons. The bride and the bridegroom ask their parents for their blessing and then the engaged couple vow eternal faithfulness to each other. After reading the ‘móring’ letter – the contemporary marriage contract – the Master of Ceremonies removes the flower laurel from the head of the bride using a sword, and then the maids of honor place the bonnet symbolizing wifehood onto her head.

The Baroque period is of outstanding importance in the history of Győr, its characteristic features have determined the style and the atmosphere of the city centre. The town of Győr wants to continue to cultivate the Baroque tradition, which is celebrated at the Baroque summer weekend in August.

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INTERLANGUAGE Nyelviskola csapata

tradition – hagyomány
costume – jelmez
horse carriage – lovas hintó
shop window – kirakat
ladies-in-waiting – udvarhölgyek
procession – felvonulás
ask for their blessing – áldást kér
prominent – kiemelkedő
bonnet – főkötő

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